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All the features you need

Pentest Portal contains all the automated features a pen tester could want. From project management to automatic quality assurance checks and much more.

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On the dashboard you see at a glance which pen tests are currently running, scheduled or completed. You can also see statistics, such as the number of vulnerabilities per risk level of the logged-in pen tester or the total number of vulnerabilities found per month by an entire team.


Project management

Pen test projects are created with a project code. The pen test is then linked to a pen tester and the required information is set, such as the scope of the pen test and contacts. During the penetration test, the pen tester adds the discovered risks to the project and after the review phase, the report is sent encrypted to the client. However, clients can also view findings and download the report through the client landing page and download the report from Pentest Portal themselves.


User management

Pentest Portal contains a fine-grained user management system that enables your organization to set up its own Pentest Portal environment in a secure and user-friendly way. The portal provides roles to manage your portal settings and add teams of pen testers. Moreover, it is possible to allow or block client logins on a per-client basis.



Pentest Portal generates reports based on a configurable template, including detailed findings, risk-reduction steps and more. You no longer need to tinker with Office templates or custom PDF-generating scripts anymore. Start being productive now!


Risk database

In the risk database, you can easily manage risk templates of your own risk findings. You probably already have a collection of these risk templates. Using this module, you can import your existing risk templates or create new ones. This functionality is available in both Dutch and English.


    Client access

    You can allow your clients to log in to your Pentest Portal environment. While logged in, clients can view their pen tests, target systems, findings and reports. There are even clients that use Pentest Portal as an inventory system. The portal supports many system types, such as URL, IP-addresses, mobile apps, cloud systems, source code repositories and Wi-Fi networks. Also, clients have access to advanced functions, such as export to Jira, CSV and more.


      Pen test waiver

      A pen test waiver is an essential part of any pen test. Therefore, Pentest Portal contains an automated waiver that can be easily sent to clients. Once with the client, the waiver can quickly be signed digitally thanks to the integration with Signhost/Ondertekenen.nl. Never waste any more of your time on getting the pen test approval!


      Quality assurance

      To check the quality level of each pen test, an automated quality assurance tool is included in Pentest Portal. Using a built-in checklist, this tool goes through various aspects of the pen test to ensure optimal quality.


      White label branding

      Pentest Portal is based on white label branding. This means that your company's corporate identity can easily be applied to the design of the report, the emails sent from the tool and even the look and feel of your Pentest Portal environment’. We also support using your own domain name to make Pentest Portal accessible for your clients.


      Basic Security Scan (CyberScanner)

      The well known Cyber Scanner technology is integrated into Pentest Portal. This automated tool generates a scan of a client's online organization from the perspective of an external attacker. It uses open-source intelligence techniques and combines all information into a comprehensive PDF report. This is convenient if you quickly want insight into a client’s digital footprint. The scan can be conducted on any domain, any time, without any external support or approval. This makes it a perfect acquisition tool as well.

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